Use Remote Control

Use Remote Control

You or your partner can control the Handy over the Internet using the HandyFeeling remote control interface.

NoteYou need to connect your Handy to Wi-Fi to use the remote control function.

Video Walkthrough

You can watch a walkthrough of the remote control feature here.


1 Plug the Handy into the power supply.
2 Click the Wi-Fi button. The LED indicator on the Handy will pulse light blue () when it successfully connects to Wi-Fi.
3 Go to the remote control feature of HandyFeeling.
4 Click the Connect to Handy button in the top-right corner.
5 Enter your connection key and click Connect.
NoteIf you don’t know your connection key, read this article to learn how to find it.
6 Once your Handy connects, you can set the remote control to On and set speed and stroke length.
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