Syncing with CzechVR

Syncing with CzechVR

This guide will walk you through getting your Handy and most VR headsets connected to the CzechVR Network for a synchronized experience with their video catalogue.

NoteYou need to connect your Handy to Wi-Fi to be able to synchronize with VR videos.


  1. Connect your Handy to Wi-Fi
  2. Connect your VR headset to Wi-Fi


1 Use the browser on your VR headset to navigate to Czech VR.
2 Log in to your account.
3 At the top of the page, click the Interactive tab.
4 Select a video from the list.
5 Click on the Handy icon underneath the video.
6 Enter your connection key and click Connect.
7 Play the video and enjoy the connected experience.
NoteYou will only need to enter your connection key the first time. After that it will be saved for future visits to the site.