Syncing with SexLikeReal

Syncing the Handy with SexLikeReal

This guide will walk you through getting your Handy and most VR headsets connected to SexLikeReal for a synchronized experience.

NoteYou need to connect your Handy to Wi-Fi to be able to synchronize with VR videos.


  1. Connect your Handy to Wi-Fi
  2. Connect your VR headset to Wi-Fi
  3. Install DeoVR on your VR headset
  4. Have an active SexLikeReal subscription

Syncing with SexLikeReal using DeoVR

1 Start DeoVR on your VR headset.
2 Use the browser to navigate to
3 In the toolbar at the bottom, click the Settings icon and select the Interactive tab.
4 Enter your Handy connection key and click Connect.
5 Enable the Sex Toys filter to see videos with Handy interactivity.
6 Find a video and enjoy the synchronized movement of your Handy.
NoteSexLikeReal requires a subscription for viewing full videos.