In-browser Video Playback


The Interactive Video Database (IVDB) is a collection of Handy-compatible scripts covering 1400+ videos. This guide describes how to install the Handy IVDB browser extension and have synchronized video playback within your browser.

NoteFor synchronization to work, you will need both a video file and a script file (or script token).


  1. Go to the Google Chrome store page for the Handy IVDB Extension and install the extension. You may need to sign in to your Google account due to the age restriction on the extension.
  2. Open the extension in your browser and enter your Handy connection key. Your Handy must be in Online Mode to connect.
  3. Go to Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Browse for a video and click on it.
  5. On the video page, the browser extension should automatically detect the video and send the related script to your Handy. This should be reflected in the icon of the browser extension with the Script bubble.

Common Issues and Limitations

Remember: your Handy must be in Online Mode and you must enter your connection key in the Handy IVDB browser extension.

The Handy IVDB browser extension is only available for Google Chrome (and Chrome-based browsers).

Mobile versions of common browsers do not offer the same capabilities for extensions and plug-ins as their desktop counterparts and as such cannot be used with IVDB.

The plug-in may not work if you are using a translation extension, which may rename the elements that appear in the browser, causing the IVDB browser extension to incorrectly retrieve information on the page.

Premium scripts and videos will not be accessible to you unless you have a subscription to the relevant video partner.