Common Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Common Wi-Fi Connection Issues

The Handy cannot find my Wi-Fi network

The Handy chipset can only detect Wi-Fi signals on the 2.4 GHz band. While most routers should be broadcasting both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz signals, it is possible that your router may have 2.4 GHz broadcasting disabled. We recommend turning it on through your router settings and trying the Handy setup again.

The HandyConnect app doesn’t detect my Handy

The HandyConnect app can only detect the Handy when it is set to Bluetooth mode. Set your Handy to Bluetooth mode by pressing and holding the Wi-Fi button .

Handys using legacy Firmware 2 do not have a Bluetooth mode and must use the Wi-Fi Setup Mode.

I completed the Wi-Fi setup but my Handy is not connecting to the Internet when I turn it on

Every time you turn on the Handy it will start in offline mode by default. You will need to click the Wi-Fi button to get your Handy online.

I cannot connect my Handy to the Wi-Fi in a hotel or another public network

It is not possible to connect the Handy to managed networks, like a hotel or an office building, where you do not have credentials for the Wi-Fi router.

Legacy Firmware 2 Issues

My smartphone or laptop cannot find the Handy setup Wi-Fi

Make sure that you press and hold the Wi-Fi button until the LED blinks blue and light blue to enter Setup Mode. Simply clicking the Wi-Fi button will not do anything until you configure your Handy with your Wi-Fi.

If your Handy is in Setup Mode, but you can’t detect the Handy Setup Wi-Fi network, try using another Wi-Fi-capable device.

My Wi-Fi credentials are correct but my Handy doesn’t connect (flashing red and blue)

Some network configurations may cause the first Handy connection right after setup to fail. In this case, you should simply unplug your Handy, plug it in again, and click the Wi-Fi button once. Your Handy has saved the Wi-Fi credentials you entered into it during setup, so it will attempt to reconnect to your network. Try this up to three times.

Additionally, older versions of the Handy software had a bug that prevented them from connecting to wireless networks that had non-ASCII symbols (e.g. @, {, %, $, -, _, etc.) in the network’s name or password. Newer versions of the firmware do not have this issue. If you’re facing this issue, we recommend that you change your Wi-Fi password to something that includes only numbers and letters, then connect your Handy and update its firmware, then change your network password again.