Syncing Local Videos using ScriptPlayer

Syncing Local Videos with ScriptPlayer

Script Player is an excellent video application for synchronized video playback on Windows — built by the community!

It has manu features, including integration, but in this guide we’ll focus on getting videos playing from your computer.

NoteYou need to connect your Handy to Wi-Fi to synchronize local videos.


1 Download and install the latest release of ScriptPlayer from Github.
NoteWindows may flag the installer as malware. You will need to manually give it permission to continue installation.
2 Open up ScriptPlayer and click on Settings from the top menu.
3 In the window that opens, scroll down to The Handy option.
4 Enter your connection key and set the Script Host option to
6 Click Ok to save your changes.
7 Next, click File > Open video and select a video to load into ScriptPlayer.
8 Next, click File > Open script and select a corresponding script to load.
NoteScriptPlayer will automatically load scripts if they have the same name as the video file.
9 With script and video loaded, you can send the script to the Handy by clicking Devices > Connect to Handy directly.
NoteYour Handy must be in Online Mode to receive the script.
10 Play the video and enjoy yourself.