See/change your Connection Key

Button and LED


  • 1

    Power Handly

  • 2

    Press and hold the Wi-Fi button until the indicator LED flashes /    (fast) . The machine is now in setup mode.

  • 3

    Go to Wi-Fi settings on your Wi-Fi enabled device (PC, MAC, iPhone, Android).

  • 4

    Connect to the “Handy setup” Wi-Fi network. You are now directly connected to your Handy. If the setup does not start automatically see footnotes.

  • 5

    In the Handy setup you can configure Wi-Fi, see and change your Connection Key, update Handy and at a later stage do some other settings as well.

  • 6

    Press “connection key” from the menu.

  • 7

    Here you can change/see your connection key.

  • 8

    If you think your key is compromised, generate a new key here. You can set the length of the new key.

NB! When you make a new key, the previous key is useless. The length of the key represents the security level. A short key can be a duplicate, and therefore compromised. We recommend at length of at least 8 characters.

NB! While in setup mode your Handy does not work. You must quit setup or re-power your Handy to get it working again.


Relevant LED indicator codes

See a full list of the error codes here.

Starting setup

Solution/Explanation: Starting setup. Please wait 5-20 seconds.

Setup ready

Solution/Explanation: Setup is ready

Connected to Handy

Solution/Explanation: Connected to "Handy setup" Wi-Fi. You must unpower or exit setup to use your Handy.

Update ongoing

Solution/Explanation: Update ongoing. Please wait 1-5 minutes.

Updated failed

Solution/Explanation: Unplug Handy and try again. If it continues to fail, contact support.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Solution/Explanation: Handy is trying to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Connected to Wi-Fi

Solution/Explanation: Handy is connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi setup successful

Solution/Explanation: Wi-Fi setup is completed successfully. Press any button to restart Handy.

Failed to connect to Wi-Fi

Solution/Explanation: Unplug Handy and try Wi-Fi setup again. If it continues to fail, contact support.