Connect Your Handy to Wi-Fi (Firmware 3)

Connect Your Handy to Wi-Fi (Firmware 3)

Connecting your Handy to a wireless network will allow you to have access to firmware updates, HandyFeeling, and other online-connected services like VR and local synchronized videos.

NoteThis guide is intended for Handys with Firmware 3. If your Handy is running Firmware 2, read this guide instead.


  1. Install the HandyConnect app for iOS or Android on your smartphone


1 Plug the Handy into the power supply.
2 Press and hold (Wi-Fi button) on the Handy until the indicator LED becomes a pulsing blue (). This indicates that the Handy has entered Bluetooth Mode.
3 Open the HandyConnect app and follow the on-screen instructions until you are able to scan for a machine.
4 Once the scanning is done, select your Handy from the list.
5 When you successfully connect to the Handy, click on the Setup Wi-Fi button.
6 The app will scan for nearby Wi-Fi networks and display them in a list. Select your Wi-Fi network.
7 Enter your Wi-Fi password and click Connect.
8 Once the connection is successful, you can restart your Handy by unplugging it and plugging it in again.
9 Press the Wi-Fi button once to get the Handy to go into Online Mode, which is indicated by a pulsing purple light ().
10 Your Handy is now online and ready to connect to HandyFeeling and other services.
NoteYou only need to go through the initial Wi-Fi setup once for your wireless network. Your Handy will remember your Wi-Fi credentials.
NoteWhen you power on your Handy, it will always start offline. You will need to press the Wi-Fi button to be able to access online services like HandyFeeling.


If you’re having issues connecting your Handy to Wi-Fi, please take a look at our article on common connection problems.

Next Steps

Once your Handy is connected to your network, you will be able to: