Local VR Video

Local VR Video

This guide will walk you through getting your Handy and VR headset to play local videos and their corresponding scripts using DeoVR.

NoteYou need to connect your Handy to Wi-Fi to be able to synchronize with VR videos.


  1. Connect your Handy to Wi-Fi
  2. Connect your VR headset to Wi-Fi
  3. Install DeoVR on your VR headset
NoteNo SexLikeReal subscription or account is necessary for viewing local videos in a VR headset. The option for connecting your Handy is only available in DeoVR if you go to sexlikereal.com. Once that step is complete, you can simply use the local file browser within DeoVR.

Syncing Local Video with DeoVR

1 Start DeoVR on your VR headset.
2 Use the DeoVR browser to navigate to sexlikereal.com.
NoteYou should notice the DeoVR menu change slightly.
3 In the toolbar at the bottom, click the Settings icon and select the Interactive tab.
4 Enter your Handy connection key and click Connect.
5 In the toolbar at the bottom, click the Local Video icon.
6 Browse through your folders and find the local video you wish to see.
NoteYou must have a Funscript in the same folder as your video and with the same filename as the video for it to be sent to the Handy. See below for an example.

Local Videos and Scripts

Once your Handy is connected within DeoVR, the DeoVR player will automatically look for scripts with the same filename as your selected video in the same folder as the video. If it finds a script name that matches the video, it will automatically send it to your Handy and initiate synchronization.


Video name: test_video_1080.mp4
Funscript name: test_video_1080.funscript

Remember to name your files appropriately for synchronization to work for local videos.