Caring for the Handy

Caring for the Handy

As a mechanical device, the Handy will need some maintenance to live a long and fruitful life.

Lubricating the Handy

Your Handy contains gears that require maintenance for continued smooth operation. When you receive your Handy, the lead screw comes pre-lubricated with BX-303/0, a food-grade silencer grease, which should last for some time.

Extensive use and long sessions with the Handy will cause the lubricant to dry up faster. Your Handy will continue to work just fine; however, you may notice additional mechanical sound coming from the machine.

Steps for Applying Lubricant

NoteYou do not have to disassemble the Handy to apply lubricant.
  1. Buy a high viscosity grease, like one recommended for 3D printers or CNC machines. We cannot recommend a specific brand due to different regulations around the world.

  2. Move the Handy slider all the way down manually.

  3. Apply a thin layer of grease on the metal screw that can be seen through the slit of the Handy.

  4. Manually move the slider up and down about 10 times to distribute the lubricant.

  5. Move the slider all the way to the top.

  6. Apply another layer of grease on the part of the screw that was covered up previously. Do not apply much grease, as it will be thrown off when the Handy is in operation.

  7. Manually move the slider up and down another 10 times to distribute the lubricant.

  8. Power on your Handy and set it to move at full stroke and at the slowest speed for about 5 minutes.


A Q-tip or a similar tool is a great way to apply lubricant onto the Handy screw.

It is better to do the lubrication procedure often than to apply too much lubricant.

Remember to clean up any excess lubricant from the procedure. Some lubricants may not be body safe and should be removed before using the Handy.

Caring for the Sleeve

The Handy TrueGrip sleeve is made out of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Its longevity will be based on the use and the cleaning it is given. TPE material is porous and in time will begin to develop a yellow tint, which is a sign that the sleeve should be replaced.

You can improve the lifetime of the sleeve by washing it immediately after using it with warm water and soap. It can easily be flipped inside-out without damage to the material. Additionally, while not in use, we recommend that you keep the sleeve in an airtight bag, with the foam insert placed inside so that the sleeve can keep its shape.

You can order additional TrueGrip sleeves (in closed and open style) at The Handy shop.

Replacing the Band

As with all velcro products, the fastening strength of the TrueGrip band will decline with exposure to dirt and other particles. The band can be washed with water to clean off any lube or other dried material.

You can order additional TrueGrip bands at The Handy shop.

Fluids in the Handy

The electronics inside the Handy have a thin protective layer that will shield them from fluids like semen and lube. Avoid getting liquids into the machine. However, a small amount of liquid should not cause any operational issues with your Handy.

In the case that you drop a lot of liquids into the machine, turn off the Handy and leave it with the slider facing down for 6 hours before using it again.

Heat Considerations

The Handy is designed to automatically shut off before hitting temperatures that can hurt the user or damage the machine.


The Handy comes with a one-year warranty. If you are experiencing issues with your Handy, reach out to and we’ll assist you.