Handy Ecosystem

The Handy Ecosystem

Online Connectivity

As an online-enabled device, the Handy can be connected to your Wi-Fi. Getting the Handy online allows the device to receive firmware updates, synchronize with interactive videos, be controlled remotely, and connect to any Handy-compatible service.

Learn how to connect your Handy to Wi-Fi >

Handy Software Updates

The software running inside the Handy itself is called the firmware. The Handy’s firmware is periodically updated to add features, fix bugs, and improve overall stability.

Updates are automatically available on HandyFeeling when they are released.

In summer 2021, the Handy received a major firmware update — Firmware 3. You can read the release notes here and you can see the changes to device behavior here.

Handy Connect App

The Handy Connect app allows you to connect to your Handy running Firmware 3 over Bluetooth. On the older firmware, connecting to the Handy was done over Wi-Fi.

It is available for iOS and Android.

Partner Video Content

A number of popular adult video providers have added Handy integration to their platforms. You can explore the full list on our partners page.

Local Video Playback

If you have your own videos and Funscripts, you can synchronize them with your Handy on the Local Video Player.

If you’re looking for playing local videos and scripts with a VR headset, read our guide about local video playback with VR.

Remote Control

You can control your Handy over the Internet with our remote control tool. By passing your connection key to a partner, your Handy can be controlled in real time.

Handy Community Projects

Our enthusiastic and creative community has created many software and 3D-printed projects to enhance the Handy experience. You can find a curated list of community projects here.

Open API

As an Internet-enabled device, the Handy communicates over the Internet through our open API. Developers can easily build apps and integrations for the Handy with our SDK and documentation.

Technical Support

You can walk through common technical issues with our support bot or contact us directly at contact@thehandy.com.

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