Connect Your Handy to Wi-Fi

Connect Your Handy to Wi-Fi

Connecting your Handy to a wireless network will allow you to have access to firmware updates, HandyFeeling, and other online-connected services like VR and local synchronized videos.

Setup Video

You can watch a walkthrough of the Wi-Fi setup here.


1 Plug the Handy into the power supply.
2 Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the Handy until the indicator LED quickly flashes blue and light blue (). This indicates that the Handy has entered Wi-Fi setup mode.
In Wi-Fi setup mode, the Handy will broadcast a Wi-Fi signal with a name similar to Handy setup - m5ZWg5PS.
3 Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your Wi-Fi-enabled device (PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device).
4 Connect to the Handy network — it will have a name similar to Handy setup - m5ZWg5PS. The exact name of the Wi-Fi network will be different for every Handy. Once connected, your web browser should automatically redirect you to the setup page.
If the setup page does not automatically open, you can type into your browser. This will force the Handy Setup page to open.
NoteIt is a good idea to write down your connection key from this page. Once Wi-Fi setup is complete, the connection key allows your Handy to connect to online services.
5 Click the Setup Wi-Fi button. The Handy will scan for local Wi-Fi networks and display them as a list.
NoteIt is not possible to connect the Handy to managed networks, like a hotel or an office building, where you do not have credentials for the Wi-Fi router.
6 Select the Wi-Fi network that you want your Handy to connect to from the list. On the next page, enter the password for the network and click Connect.
NoteOlder version of the Handy firmware could not connect to wireless networks that had non-ASCII symbols (e.g. @, {, %, $, -, _, etc.) in the network’s name or password. Newer versions of the firmware do not have this issue. If you’re facing this issue, we recommend that you change your Wi-Fi password to something that includes only numbers and letters, then connect your Handy and update its firmware, then change your network password again.
7 The Handy will disconnect from your Wi-Fi-enabled device and it will begin connecting to your Wi-Fi network.
Look at the LED indicator on the Handy to see the status of the Wi-Fi connection:
  • Trying to connect to Wi-Fi ()
  • Failed to connect to Wi-Fi ()
  • Connection to Wi-Fi successful ()
8 If your connection is successful, you can press any button on the Handy to restart the device. Click the Wi-Fi to connect the Handy to your network. A successful connection to your Wi-Fi network is indicated by a flashing blue and dark blue light ().
NoteYou only need to go through the initial Wi-Fi setup once for your wireless network. Your Handy will remember your Wi-Fi credentials.
NoteWhen you power your Handy, it will always start offline. You will need to press the Wi-Fi button to be able to access online services like HandyFeeling.

Next Steps

Once your Handy is connected to your network, you will be able to:

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